The Magnificent Bang Bangs - Rock and Roll for the Country Soul


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The members of The Magnificent Bang Bangs -- Damien "WOO" Salazar (Lead Vocals and Bass), AJ Cronk (Guitar and Vocals) and Tom Winborn (Drums and Vocals),  have known each other from touring on the road with a highly decorated Nashville artist as well as living in the band's hometown of Kansas City, Mo. They all wanted to create something great and unusual, stemming in and out of rock and roll as well as country music. Coming together and writing 30 songs in 2 1/2 months made a good start for these "brothers".

Once the band got enough songs to start showcasing, the response was incredible. They started playing shows in the Kansas City area, and then expanding out through Missouri and Kansas.Inspired by a conglomerate of rock and country, the band quickly grew out of its need to play classic rock and country and began performing their love, which was original songs. In October of 2011, the Bang Bang's released their EP to the masses.

"We're rock and roll for the country soul," says WOO. "We just wanted to cross over the styles of music that we have listened to and played that make us feel good. Everything from Merl Haggard to Van Halen. We loved it. So we just thought if we loved the diversity, then maybe others would too".

"The reason we got together the way we have is because we just wanted to write good music and then perform the shit out of it in front of anyone that will listen," WOO says. "We are like the Led Zeppelin of our time, mixing it up a bit with the creation of new instrumentation and added flavors of recording magic. We are calling on the great spirits of music past to help us achieve an historical future.”

Blending country and southern rock, THE MAGNIFICENT BANG BANGS are a true answer to the norm. Woo states, “With the dawn of a new era, thus is the dawn of new music. We are the first to welcome change. The music speaks to everyone differently. We just need to listen to our hearts when it speaks.”However," he notes, "not that we are going to make you believe that we are the best. No. That is what the music is there for. For you to decide and for us to perform. We play for you, and him, and all of those people out there ready to hear something that is new and, dare I say, alternative to the norm. We want to be rockstars. That’s a given. But it’s how we get there that makes this ride fun. And we love to see what is around the corner. For sure."